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 Product Name: CDY3 Series - 4-Pin Power Connector - Solder Tab

Product Type: C0803-004MS30SB
product description:
CDY3 series cabinet power connector is a special product of the module power interface.
The series of products are used now advanced and common crown socket for the contacts, contact reliability, support for hot-swap, plug pull soft.
A variety of terminal contact options A variety of options: the male terminal with curved solder PCB board type, the crimping or screw-type connection, to meet your needs of different custom use.
CDY3 series of products through the UL safety test, in strict accordance with safety requirements of manufacturing.
CDY3 series of contacts using gold-plated (Au) and silver (Ag) surface treatment, plugs installed pins, sockets, jacks. Different specifications provide different flow capacity.
CDY3 series of shell PBT + 30% glass fiber material, with flame retardant, and excellent electrical properties.
The main specifications
A) Rated voltage: 500V AC
B) Rated current: 1) φ2.5mm Contact 10A (MAX)
C) Operating temperature: -55 ℃ -125 ℃
D) Relative humidity: Humidity is 90% -95% RH at 40 ℃ ± 2 ℃ for 96 hours
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