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 Product Name: CZ35T Power Connector - Solder Type - Male

Product Type: C0802-010MG30SB2
product description:
CZ35 series cabinet power connector is a special product of the module power connector.
The series of products are used now advanced and common crown socket for the contacts, contact reliability, support for hot-swap, plug pull soft.
A variety of contact types of terminals a variety of options: welded PCB board and screw type.
CZ35 series of products through the UL safety test, in strict accordance with safety requirements of manufacturing.
CZ35 series contacts using a gold-plated (Au) and silver (Ag) surface treatment, plugs installed pins, sockets installed jack. Different specifications provide different flow capacity.
CZ35 series of products using PET +30% glass fiber shell material, with flame retardant, and excellent electrical properties.
The main specifications
A) Rated voltage: Ф1.0 Contact 200V DC; Ф2.0, Ф5.0 Contact 250V DC
B) Rated current:
1, φ1.0 contacts, room temperature 25 ℃ 2A, high temperature 85 ℃ 2A;
2, φ2.0 contacts, 25A at room temperature 25A, high temperature 85 ℃ 20A;
3, φ5.0 contacts, at room temperature 25 ℃ 100A, high temperature 85 ℃ at 75A;
C) Operating temperature: -55 ℃ ~ 125 ℃
D) Humidity: Humidity at 40 ° C is 93%
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