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 Product Name: 7mm with high power connector -4p + 4s-Crimp-Female

Product Type: HMFQ081191A
product description:
7mm with high power connector is a new type of integrated current and signal transmission power connector, or a separate current transmission connector. For the new board-to-board spacing requirements of the power supply connection scheme, providing 40A / pin of the flow capacity, a total of 4in mixed power and 4pin signal, pure power type is 2pin.
Main specifications:
A Rated current: power 40A, signal 1A
B Rated voltage: 100V
C Withstand voltage: Power: 1500V AC, Time: 1 minute; Signal: 750V AC, Time: 1 minute
D Insulation resistance: Power: 1500MΩ DC 500V; Signal: 1000MΩ DC100V
E contact resistance: power supply: 0.5mΩ max; signal: 30mΩ max
F Operating temperature and humidity: -55 ℃ ~ 105 ℃ / 5 - 85% R.H.
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